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What is the Influencer Marketing?

This is simply having someone who, most likely in a position of influence tell your story for you. Although,   is confused with product placement… they are not the same.

There are three forms of Influencer marketing:

  • The Aspirational – This applies towards an individual aspiring to be like another.
  • The Authoritative – This applies towards a figure that is respected, the recommendation of a simple product by a figure goes a long way when it comes to marketing.
  • The Peer method – This is considered as the most effective and most rampant as it mainly boils down to word of mouth and word on the street. This method alone can inject a product into the modern day culture providing a wide range market for it.

Why Should You Use Influencer Marketing?

The main thing is breaking new grounds. In this information age where everything is on media and the Internet, It is very easy and much more effective to venture into Influencer Marketing.

Statistics have shown that using influencer marketing greatly increases your reach as a brand and solidly establishes you in the ’s hearts.

Besides, your competitors are already doing it, since Influencer Marketing has proven itself effective and very efficacious as a marketing technique; a lot of progressive outfits have applied it to their business module. Statistics show that 60% of marketers intend to increase their budget for Influencer Marketing this year! That means more than half of your competitors are doing it and more are coming.

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Now is the best time to get started.

Influencer Marketing Is Not Advertising.

Technically, it is. But since it doesn’t fall under the category of advertisement is new media (the internet) where it isn’t being subjected to the claws of ad blocks and the , which decide the ads you would see or not.

Since Influencer Marketing is very dependent on the view of our friends and families, it is quite difficult for regulations to be placed upon the recommendation of products by people. it is an integral part of social interaction.

The influencer marketing industry has experienced exponential growth over the course of the last decade and shows no signs of slowing.

In June 2018, we partnered with to survey more than 1,100 U.S. adults to explore the role of influencer marketing in driving purchasing decisions, the difference between “celebrities” and “influencers,” and more.



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