Image galleries come to TikTok with Photo Mode

has announced the introduction of a Photo to the app. While many apps have copied in the past, the new feature borrows inspiration from Instagram.

Brings Image Galleries to the Platform With Photo Mode

Up until now, TikTok has been primarily a short-form video content platform that also allows video livestreaming. However, in a TikTok newsroom post on 6 October 2022, the company announced that it is introducing a new Photo Mode.

The mode will allow users to share a carousel of images that displays still photos that users can swipe through. TikTok has differentiated the feature slightly from Instagram’s carousel by allowing users to add a soundtrack to their images.

Photo Mode will only be available on the mobile version of TikTok. It has rolled out to the US and “most regions globally” according to the company.

To access the mode, select the + icon to create a new post. Then, upload multiple images from your gallery. TikTok will then give you the option to Switch to photo mode, which turns the images into a carousel post. You can then edit the sounds, text, and stickers for the images. Photo Mode differs from TikTok templates, which allow you to upload images that transition between each other as a video post.

This isn’t the first time in recent weeks that TikTok has introduced features similar to other apps. In September, TikTok introduced an increased character count for captions, bringing it in line with Instagram’s character limit. It has also introduced a platform called TikTok Now, which imitates features from BeReal.

The new TikTok Photo Mode comes alongside other feature rollouts to the app, including enhanced editing tools for video. With the improvements, TikTok may be aiming to compete with the best mobile video editing apps, many of which offer nuanced and precise editing.

Image Galleries Come to TikTok, But Will Users Enjoy Them?

Image galleries are officially on TikTok, but whether users will use or enjoy it remains to be seen. In a world where social media apps keep copying each other, some users are looking for unique features instead.

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