Instagram now gives users information about their activity

has announced that can now see which accounts they have interacted with the most on the platform and which are shown more frequently in their feed than others.

To help more easily manage the accounts that they follow, Instagram added two new ways for organizing your ‘following' lists: by those which they interact with the least and by those that pop up the most in their Feed.

By tapping “Following” within the user account page, these two new means of organization,  titled “Least Interacted With” and “Most Shown in Feed,” can be found under the Category menu. When enabled, the resulting profiles users are presented with have been based on the previous 90 days; this makes it easier for users to stop following inactive accounts and cultivate the ideal newsfeed.

Already, users have had the ability to sort their Following list by the date they followed a profile. These two additional new options should now help people further refine their accounts based on .

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