LinkedIn Just Added a Flurry of Features for Members

The last thing people probably want to see is more push notifications unless they're looking for a job.

is enabling members who have indicated in their career interests dashboards that they are actively looking for jobs to sign up for instant job notifications, which they will receive as soon as positions are posted.



LinkedIn The professional network revealed its plans to roll out this feature earlier this month, when it detailed its rebuild of its core hiring tools LinkedIn Recruiter, Linkedin Jobs and Pipeline Builder into a single platform later this year, Intelligent Hiring Experience.

Another new tool from LinkedIn to aid members' job searches is job title highlights.

When people search for a specific job title, they will see information including the top skills possessed by people holding that title, the top companies looking to fill those spots and first-degree connections with that job title.

LinkedIn Senior product manager Alice Xiong said in a blog post that these insights can be accessed by going to the search bar in desktop and entering a specific job title, which will bring up highlights for that job title in a new module on the right side.


Similar highlights are also available for key influencers on LinkedIn and notable companies, and those knowledge cards are available via desktop in all markets where English is the primary language.

Xiong said all of these search features will be to the professional network's iOS and Android applications later this spring.

Finally, when LinkedIn users are searching for potential opportunities, they will now see related LinkedIn Learning courses.


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