LinkedIn ‘Learning Hub’ will Launch end of 2021

Last month, CEO Ryan Roslansky wrote that the site would give companies tools to invest in and incentivize their employees. Now, we're starting to see what exactly he meant by that.

What Is the LinkedIn Learning Hub?

LinkedIn will be launching its own skill building platform, the LinkedIn Hub, during the second half of this calendar year. At the moment, it can only be accessed by a small pool of beta testers around the world.

Once the LinkedIn Learning Hub has enabled worldwide access, the company says that its corporate Learning Pro customers will be automatically upgraded to the Learning Hub for “at least a year” at no cost.

With this project, LinkedIn aims to offer learners access to the site's full data projection, as well as provide guidance to help business professionals and companies highlight relevant skills paths and career opportunities.

The Learning Hub has all the capabilities of a traditional learning experience platform (LXP) and “so much more,” says LinkedIn.

It draws on data and insights from our Skills Graph, the world's most comprehensive skills taxonomy with 36K+ skills, 24M+ job postings, and the largest professional network of 740M+ members, empowering customers with richer skill development insights, personalized content, and community-based learning.

In order to create a true skilling solution, the Learning Hub focuses on three critical elements (though Roslansky says he'll “share much more” once the product has officially launched):

  • Personalized content – build the right skills with AI-driven content recommendations, which are based on your learning activity and LinkedIn insights
  • Community-based learning – connect with colleagues, peers, experts, and LinkedIn instructors to learn from them
  • Skill development insights – inform your strategies by trend tracking, benchmarking against other companies, etc.

This Learning Hub announcement comes a month after LinkedIn added video cover stories to user profiles and admitted to be working on audio chat features very similar to that of Clubhouse.

Make Upskilling and Reskilling a Priority

In today's working world, quickly learning critical skills is becoming less of an advantage and more of a necessity. LinkedIn's Amy Borsetti goes as far to say that skills are “the new currency.”

The World Economic Forum predicts that in just the next four years, 85 million jobs will go away. Sure, 97 million new ones will come to replace them, but who knows which industries will rise and which will crumble.

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