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Reddcoin (RDD), marketed as the first “social coin” has been working hard behind the curtains in order to incentivize content sharing. Approximately a week ago, on August 20th, the team behind RDD confirmed that the first official version of Redd ID will become available in September, getting back to the subject of Redd ID integrations with social networks in their latest announcement as well.  

Considering the impact that Redd ID integration could potentially have on the price of RDD in the long run, Reddcoin is already seen spiking up against the fiat, going up by over 40% in the course of a single day.

Reddcoin is Getting Ready for Redd ID Public Release

After announcing that the new social media tipping tool called Redd ID is officially ready for release in September, RDD has gone up towards the moon while collecting over 40% of rises in the course of a single day.

Considering that Redd ID integration will revolutionize the way RDD units are being used, it seems that the crypto community is showing an increased interest for Reddcoin, while the team ecstatically tweeted that September belongs to Reddcoin (RDD).

Previously, RDD team has gained a status of a utility-backed token, at the same time representing the first blockchain social network to have achieved this status, which is why Reddcoin is allowed to integrate with institutions and foundations that are compliant to the general rules of regulation.

That way, Reddcoin can create Redd ID integrations with socials networks such as Twitter and Reddit, allowing users to collect rewards for sharing and creating different types of content on social media.

Billions of people are spending hours on different social networks every day, sharing, liking and creating content for which are not being paid. Redd ID is set to change this case by integrating the upcoming social media tipping extension for different social media platforms.

By utilizing Redd ID that will become available in September after having been successfully beta tested, RDD users will be able to register their own unique Redd ID name that way being allowed to link their profiles to several social networks, including Twitter and Reddit.

The new social media tipping tool will become available on Google Play Store where interested users will be able to download Redd ID as an extension. The tool also got the support from Mozilla Firefox, enabling users to send tips in form of RDD to their friends, family and favorite social network contributors in a matter of a single click.

This integration should have Reddcoin exposed to millions of potential users, which could consequently improve the performance of RDD in the market.

While Reddcoin the beta version of Redd ID, called Web ID, back in May, Justin Sun presented Seedit, an application for Twitter that should also enable TRON users to incentivize their favorite content contributors with TRX.

However, Redd ID is available for integration on more than a single social media platform, further driving the adoption of RDD through social networking.

Reddcoin Up by Over 40% in a Single Day

With the announcement on the matter of confirming the official release of Redd ID, which should further indicate the increased adoption of RDD units, Reddcoin (RDD) is seen rising up by over 43% in the last 24 hours on September 1st.

Most probably driving its growth due to the latest announcement that Redd ID will become available in September of 2018, the team behind the first social currency also announced a partnership with Phore, which is a blockchain ecosystem that enables transfer of value while supporting a variety of different applications.

Moreover, the latest gains in the market have improved the overall performance of RDD on weekly and bi-weekly charts, indicating that the currency has made it with over 70% of gains during the course of the last two weeks, also going up by nearly 70% in the last seven days.

Redd ID is probably one of the most important integrations that the Reddcoin (RDD) team has presented by far, that way ensuring that RDD can find a real-life use case that could change the way social media networks are being used.

Although Reddcoin (RDD) is currently being traded at the price of 0.004$ per one unit, the currency is showing nearly 200% of gains in the course of a single year, now ranked as the 61st largest crypto in accordance with its market cap.

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