Removing Followers And Cleaning Instagram Account

Few followers on the Instagram platform you may want to remove, especially those that may be harmful to your brand. However, simply removing them may not be possible. You will need to follow the specific ways for that matter.

Therefore, before you indulge in doing a mass unfollow, you will first need to know that the Instagram platform will allow only 200 accounts to unfollow per hour.

More than that, you will also need to know that Instagram may also detect that you are using a proxy. In such a situation, Instagram may even shadowban your account. Therefore, if you want to be on the safe side, it is better to unfollow 100 to 150 accounts per hour.

  • You can remove these accounts one by one which, as it is evident, is a tedious task or
  • You may also use third-party apps to help you do this.

It is better to use a paid version if you are using a third-party app. This will come with advanced features that will allow you to do a lot of things such as:

  • Mass unfollows
  • Mass block and unblock
  • Mass download posts for backup
  • Mass delete posts
  • Mass unlike posts
  • Whitelist Manager
  • Pending Actions Service and
  • Activity log with undo option.

It will also provide you with a lot of support for filters as well as for the multiple Instagram accounts.

Reasons to remove followers from Instagram

There is more than one reason to remove followers from Instagram. Often influencers, brands, and businesses as well any average individual may want to remove followers on Instagram, and that too in bulk.

  • Most of these accounts are “ghost” accounts. These are the accounts that have been created mainly to meet the requirements of other users. These accounts do not usually belong to real people. There is no regular user activity happening in these accounts, even such as liking, commenting, or sharing posts. Ideally, these accounts are usually created by bots that are known to use several proxies to create such accounts on a mass scale.
  • Sometimes, people also clean fake accounts to limit the display of their content to a smaller number of people or to avoid unwanted advances and attention, such as obscene pictures or internet trolls.
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Ideally, different processes are followed to remove Instagram accounts in bulk and or in smaller numbers. The procedure followed includes visiting the list of your followers, pressing the number of your followers, searching the follower, or just scrolling through the list of your followers and selecting the one you want to remove.

Type of followers to clean

There are few specific accounts that you may want to clean as per your need or as per the instructions of the experts like Stormlikes.

Fake accounts are quite obvious. These are typically those accounts that do not have any profile or profile photo, posts, and may have a couple of dozen followers.

You may also need to remove the mass followers to stick to the Instagram limit of 7,500 accounts and inactive followers.

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