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This week on Gadget Gauntlet, we take a look at a new way to your Apple HomeKit devices. It's called The Button, by FIBARO. And even though it looks simple, there's more to this little pusher than meets the eye.

Intrigued? I thought you might be. the play button below to learn more.



The Button Review: Full Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Adam with Innovation and Tech Today. Welcome to Gadget Gauntlet. Today, I'm reviewing The Button by FIBARO. What is The Button? What does it do? Stay tuned to find out.

Okay, so The Button allows you to control your Apple HomeKit devices such as lights, fans, window shades, locks, your ejection seat. Okay, okay, okay, not that one just yet. But seriously, it seem really convenient if you're starting to integrate smart devices into your home. I can see it being nice to have a Button to control your Apple HomeKit items that don't have switches for them, and those devices that don't respond to your phone, or your voice control.

The Button can be placed and mounted anywhere in your home, such as a nightstand, kid's room, kitchen counter, or under a desk, anywhere. The Button comes in eight different colors, which makes it easy to assign family members individual Buttons programmed for their own personal commands.

What I think is cool about The Button is can recognize up to six actions (The Button Home Kit recognizes 3 scenes while The Button Z-Wave recognizes 6 scenes). One click can turn off a light. Two clicks can activate the AC unit, or holding down The Button may trigger a scene.

Suddenly, a disembodied voice asks, “But, Adam, what's a scene?”

I'm glad you asked Evan. Scenes synchronize the action of several devices, so they occur at once, like a morning scene that starts the smart coffee machine, turns on the lights, and kicks on the morning news. Also, The Button can be used outside of your home. Take it to the office and use it as a handle tool which supports your every day activities. It's also a great convenience for seniors, the sick, and small children.

It's so fun. Remember the days you'd say to yourself, I wish it was as easy as pushing a button. Well, now it's true. The future is here.

The Button is available for $60. If you're interested and the ease and convenience of controlling your smart devices with a push of a button, then this is the device for you.

Thanks for watching this episode of Gadget Gauntlet. I'm Adam. Stay tuned for more episodes.

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