Social media to be fined if send children notification at night | Social Media

Web Desk: media firms could be face fines up to £18m if they disturb with their and alerts at or during school day, reported The Telegraph.

This strategy targets the social media firms' aims that keep children online such through notifications and auto-play.

The UK information commissioner is also likely to launch a legal code that ensures firms comply with UK's Digital Economy Act, states fines up to £18m of global turnover for breaches.

Baroness Kidron, whose films include Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, said one of today's biggest health issues was the “epidemic of sleeplessness” among children from the compulsive nature of the technology which contributed to increased depression, anxiety and obesity.

“If you ask any teacher what is the problem in your class, they will say that the kids are coming to school tired,” she told The Telegraph.

“If you ask parents, it's about pulling the device out of children's hands in the night.”

This ban on social media giants posting messages, notifications or any alerts that disturb children's sleep at night or distracts them during the school day.

This step limits children's use of social media, and discourage student to stay online all night.

The commissioner warned the companies that she will be focusing on strategies used by sites and apps to “personalise a child's experience to encourage them to stay online longer.”

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