Social Network CEO Responds Directly To Donald Trump Jr.’s Request For Unbiased Social Network. | Social

A few thoughts-

Vulich also said, “I have paid very close attention to media, and I must say it is extremely disturbing that there are CEOs of other platforms that shadow ban, suppress our right to Free Speech and cause unnecessary fear of being censored while creating a post.  I am looking forward to meeting with Mr. very soon to discuss the future of InfinitySN.”

Trump Jr. recently tweeted that he would, “support an unbiased version of any of them [social networks]. I’m not looking for an echo chamber, I’m just looking for a level playing field. No more bias! No more BS!”

“I am answering that call to action, sir.  Just as I have served my country honorably, I will continue to do so with this social ,” promises Vulich.  

For press inquiries contact:

Steven Vulich

(719) 499-3506

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