Threads to get web version and advanced search

It's been a month since the official launch of Threads, Meta's new microblogging social network. Since then, the platform has been getting numerous updates with new features like built-in translation and a chronological feed that only shows content from accounts you follow. And soon, Threads will get a version and search.

Web version of Threads is coming soon

The news comes from Meta co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, who confirmed that both a and advanced search are coming to Threads “in the next few weeks.” Currently, the only way to access Threads is through its mobile app, so one of the most requested features by its users is a web version that works on desktop platforms.

Last week, Instagram head Adam Mosseri had already confirmed that the team behind Threads has been working on a web version of the platform. For a brief moment, Threads user profiles on the web were showing Reply buttons. While clicking on the buttons did nothing, it was a major hint that the web version would be coming soon.

Threads also lacks an advanced search feature. The only thing users can search for now is other accounts, with no way to search for specific posts or words. This should also be addressed soon.

Unfortunately for Apple users, there are no indications that Threads will be getting an iPad or Mac app any time soon. One of the engineers working at Meta said that the team has been running experiments with a Mac version internally but that the app is “buggy and not worth investing time to fix” as they have more important things to fix.

Within just five days of launch, Threads already had more than 100 million users – surpassing ChatGPT's record as the fastest-growing consumer application after crossing the 100 million threshold within two months of launching. However, due to the lack of some key features, a number of users have since abandoned the platform.

You can download Threads for free on the App Store. It requires an iPhone running iOS 14 or later.

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