TikTok select 100 Users for Its incubator program ‘Black Creatives’

During the second week of January, opened applications for its incubator program meant to elevate and amplify the voices of Black creators. Today, revealed which users are been selected to join.

TikTok Black Creatives Program

TikTok has announced that after processing over 5000 applications, it has selected the lucky 100 artists that get to join its three-month creator incubator program, TikTok for Black Creatives.

“We were so thrilled by the participation from the community and will continue to cheer on all creators and artists who submitted videos. We are excited about the TikTok for Black Creatives program, and further growing and developing an already flourishing Black creative community on TikTok.”

The program, presented in collaboration with MACRO, is dedicated to help Black creators expand on their internet brand and presence, as well as connecting them to new opportunities. Though similarly named, it's not to be confused with the TikTok Creator Program, the agreement that details how TikTok pays its users for the content they create.

While TikTok did not release a complete list of names to the public, we do know that the 100 users have been contacted and that their content covers a way array of categories: arts, entertainment, music, education, food, beauty, and fitness.

Among the chosen creators are musicians Keshawn Midgette and Grace DHaiti, animators Recokh and Marc Geiger, baker Robert Lucas, and wellness coach Denise Francis. Other users excitedly took to Twitter to announce that they've been selected:

MACRO is a multiplatform media company that aims to represent the voice and perspectives of people of color.

“We are thrilled to partner with TikTok to identify, uplift and support Black creators. The Black creator community on TikTok is at the forefront of driving culture and sparking trends, and MACRO is proud to help amplify and showcase their immense talent,” says chief brand officer Stacey Walker King.

TikTok Continues to Celebrate Black History Month

The program starts on February 23, and includes a keynote presentation entitled “Manifestation | Envision Your Future” by actress and entrepreneur Gabrielle Union.

TikTok boasts that in the next three months of the program, its team will be accompanied by even more Black to provide insight during town halls, forums, and other educational events.

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