Tinder wants you to help you make friends at school this year with Tinder U | Social

tinder launches u for college students

Going back to not only means new classes, textbooks, and living arrangements — it also means new (for some, at least). To help make socializing less of a chore, is launching its first student-only platform — U.

The latest addition to the dating app is only available for iOS users attending a four- accredited college or university in the U.S. To make sure you’re enrolled in school, you have to provide your verified .edu email address in order to gain access.

Once you’re on campus, you have to log in through the main Tinder app and provide your college email address. You will then receive an email asking to verify your email address by tapping the verification button. Users can also request to apply for Tinder U by going into their Settings on the app.

This will then bring you to Tinder U — allowing you to swipe, message, and match with students around you on campus. Your profile will display your name, age, and school. The interface looks the same and operates as it normally would — with buttons to “like,” “dislike,” “super like,” and more, when swiping through potential matches.

“Tinder proudly launched at USC in 2012, making the college spirit an important part of our history and brand DNA. Today, more than half of our users are between the ages of 18 and 24,” said Brian Norgard, chief product officer at Tinder, in a press release. “With Tinder U, we’re excited to honor our roots with a new experience that helps students meets other students nearby. It’s a fresh product that will make campus life even more entertaining.”

Of course, Tinder is first and foremost a dating app. But with Tinder U, it’s stepping outside the box by encouraging college students to use it as a way to find a study buddy or even a friend. The feature is reminiscent of Bumble’s BFF Mode — a feature that allows women to find platonic relationships rather than romantic ones.

But Tinder hasn’t completely ruled out using the new mode for dating either — mentioning that those who want to date outside their campus are covered, too. With Tinder U, you can swipe on students in nearby schools as well. That way, if sparks don’t fly in person, you don’t have to worry about running into them while going to class.

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