Twitter introduces automatic captions for videos globally

on Tuesday announced that it is finally making for videos available globally. The feature will work in “most languages” on the social network’s mobile apps and .

When Twitter introduced features like voice tweets and even Spaces, the company was widely criticized for not thinking about accessibility since both features didn’t have captions at first. However, the company later fixed this and introduced things like captions for Spaces – its live audio platform.

Now users will have access to automatic subtitles for videos on Twitter. However, there’s a catch behind this. As the company confirmed, captions will only be added for new videos, meaning that videos that have already been uploaded to the social network won’t get automatic captions.

The report also notes that there’s no way to report “bad captions” for now.

Old videos that don’t have captions still won’t have them. There’s also no way to report inaccurate or bad captions, a Twitter spokesperson tells The Verge, though they say “we’re always looking at ways to improve our accessibility features.”

Automatic subtitles for videos should be available for all Twitter users starting today. In addition to the Twitter website, the company’s iOS and Android apps will also feature in their latest versions. It’s unclear whether the feature will work with Twitter’s macOS app as well.

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