Twitter expands feature to more users to follow specific topics on the platform

After going through tests for the last few months, Twitter is now expanding the to allow more users to specific topics. Essentially, users can follow topics or interests on the platform that are being discussed rather than having to follow individual accounts.

Twitter confirmed the expansion officially via a tweet video that gives an overview of how it works. Earlier, the best way to follow topics was to create lists of accounts that tweet about those topics and then visit those lists to keep up with the discussion. While that was improved in the Search tab with categorised topics, the feature to follow them specifically was missing on the platform.

The testing began in August when a limited number of users could follow topics including technology, games, TV shows, and more. It went further to allow users to follow specific topics under these verticals. Now, Twitter is allowing more users to use this feature which means this is a public rollout.

Topics will now be presented as cards, similar to accounts. Users can choose whether they want to follow those topics or not. In this case, users don't need to follow any account in order to view all the tweets. It isn't clear whether the content under the topics will appear in a separate timeline or in the Search tab. While it is now available for all users, we are yet to experience it on our devices and accounts.

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