Twitter new feature ‘undo send’ timer to allows users pull back tweets

Twitter is working on a new feature called ‘Undo Send‘, which will give users the ability to pull back the tweet for a few seconds after they hit ‘post’.

As seen in the photo above, the feature will send users a notification right after they tweet a message, which will include a timer button. Similar to Gmail, the feature will give users a buffer of a few minutes to unsend a tweet.

Though, the timer seems quite short right now.

If you do Undo Send, you will be taken back to the compose box for the tweet and you can fix or rethink your post again.

However, when the timer goes off, you can’t see the preview of the tweet. That’s odd because in all likeliness, it’s only when you are able to see the tweet preview, you’d know you made an error.

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