Twitter Working On Some Features Exclusively for Verified Users

When Elon Musk thought that his reign had to be kept inside a tomb for possible generations exists. Even though it can make it so rustic to settle down, the debate of being collapsed midway.

Since Musk took over the ownership of Twitter, the platform become the talk of the town, as he whirls around the globe to bring off some noxiousness to spread the animosity among the forum. In some cases, people would have appreciated Elon by the time he took over Twitter, but all surfing in the past. Now, the company is looking to take a challenging ride to the shore to find the long-gone hidden treasure.

The information arrives from Alessandro Paluzzi, who is not only a reverse engineer but also an uncalled tech tipster whose passion for tech is a never-ending relationship. He is an expert at recoiling an engine when it seems to be an old thing. Today, he takes off a new odyssey on Twitter; he tweeted that Twitter is working on a feature that could be a bombshell for users who might not have to drop their belongings on the corner of the street.

According to the tipster, Twitter will soon let verified users relish some dedicated , starting with adding people to a group who don't follow them on Twitter and are not inclined to an uninvited event. Secondly, verified users can create a group with users who don't follow them on the platform.

Thirdly, verified users can send direct message requests to people who don't follow them. It is so refreshing to see what causes the chain to be on the lane, not having any smashes. Twitter's new features are not yet rolled out officially, but what seems to be a ruminating element is who tweeted the content. Alessandro Paluzzi wouldn't post content if it weren't to be happening soon. The features could be around the corner before it slips off to some verified users.

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