Twitter allow users to login or signup via Google account or Apple ID

Twitter recently announced a new update that will allow users to log in or sign up on the social media platform more easily. They can use their ID or Google account to directly sign up/log in. However, the existing users can only log in/signup with their same registered email address on Twitter as is on their Apple ID/ Google account. This third-party login update was discovered amongst last month’s beta updates and is now official.

“We wanted to make it easier to sign in to your Twitter account using login info from your Google Account or Apple ID no need to remember extra passwords,” the micro-blogging site explained.

Users will no longer need to type their email address or password while logging into their Twitter account using Google or Apple ID. Also, Google ID profile pictures of users will be updated by default on their Twitter handle. However, this is an optional update. Twitter will automatically suggest user handle options on new-user signup. Users will just have to select their languages and sync their smartphone contacts.

Google accounts can be used on the app as well as the web, while the Apple IDs can be used only on iOS devices for now. Twitter assured that the Apple account login update should soon arrive for the Web version. It did not mention the update for Android users, though.

A Twitter support page does mention how to disconnect your Apple or Google account, except for the web version which Apple users cannot currently use. Sign in with Google and Apple will launch at the same time.

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