Twitter ‘Professional Profiles’ Let Monetization Among Businesses

Twitter has finally released a live test for “,” a new feature that will have the necessary tools for those who are work-focused on the platform. The app is now targeting brands and through this tool.

Twitter is now Testing “Professional Profiles”

On Thursday, Apr. 22, Twitter unveiled the official live test for “Professional Profiles” which will mainly impact those who are utilizing the app for their job. Specifically, the feature will focus on the publishers, creators, businesses, and nonprofits.

“Professional Profiles are a new tool that will allow businesses, non-profits, publishers, and creators – anyone who uses Twitter for work – to display specific information about their business directly on their profile,” Twitter said in its post.

Furthermore, the small businesses in the US have become the subjects of Twitter’s first live test of the tool. It is expected that in the upcoming months, the feature will roll out so it could reach more people who want to use it.

If you are running an establishment, you can now have a more professional look in your profile. Information such as contact information, address, and email address will be displayed in your main profile frame.

Besides, your profile could also get a newly-developed layout. This is the company’s way to differentiate those who have “Professional Profiles” from those who have personal ones.

For some time, Twitter has been experimenting if the feature could be an effective tool for those professionals who have businesses and other occupations. During the company’s Analyst Day presentation, it has run some previews for this.

Twitter stated that it is important for a person to have a strong presence in business or brand on the platform. It added that a user’s profile should be the first impression which should be positively viewed by others.

More importantly, every content in the user’s profile should accentuate the specific purpose and values of businesses or a brand so customers could have a good lead of what’s in them.

Twitter’s ‘Professional Profiles’ Will Let Businesses Monetize

Techradar reported that the new feature will be a technique of the platform to help the brands and businesses in their content. This suggested that Twitter could be a viable ground for earning revenue for the time being.

What’s ahead of this feature is up to the company, but if we could establish a close tie with the tool, it could open a lot of opportunities for those who want to make business through the app.

Business experts said that this could also be a way for more conversation tools, advertisements, and product announcements to boom within the platform.

Earlier this month, Clubhouse announced that users could now monetize their contents in the app. In the future, we could see that the majority of social media platforms could launch a related feature for those who want to earn money.

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