Twitter Spaces ‘audio chat rooms’ are now open for Android users

Twitter announced that the social media platform would soon bring to Android a new audio chat room feature . Twitter had been testing Spaces for the past few months, but so far the feature has only been limited to iOS users. Twitter’s Spaces feature is aimed at the invite-only Clubhouse, an audio-only social media app that allows people to connect and talk.

Recently in a tweet, the reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong revealed that Twitter is working on a new toggle for Spaces which will determine whether to make Space private or not. Turning the toddle on, and thereby making the Space private will then turn Space invite-only, in the sense that those who are invited can join. Although it will make Spaces private, it will not affect the current speakers and listeners.

Twitter is still testing out the features of Spaces. As of now, Android users would not be able to create their own rooms just yet. Twitter is still to mention when Spaces will be rolled out to all Android users.

On the other hand, at Clubhouse, you can only make a room more visible, but not the other way around. The clubhouse is an audio-only app where a user can see a room full of people discussing different topics. Twitter describes Spaces as a “place to come together, built around the voices of the people using Twitter, your Twitter community”. Like Clubhouse, Twitter’s audio-chat feature allows users to listen to interesting live conversations on various topics.

At present, the invite-only Clubhouse app has gained a massive fan following on iOS but it lacks an Android app. With the announcement to bring Spaces to Android, Twitter clearly understands the need to make the app available to Android users. The rollout is still to take place for Android users.

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