Twitter Starts Restoring Banned Pakistani Accounts

administration has quietly started to restore that were blocked at the behest of the Indian government.

PTA received 333 such complaints that were sent to Twitter for restoration. However, only 67 accounts (20%) have so far been restored by Twitter. Twitter has not responded officially nor has it given any reason for the suspension of these accounts.

These were suspended for speaking up against the Indian brutalities in Occupied Kashmir. Those who faced suspension received prior notice from Twitter, stating that the action against them was taken for breaching “Indian laws”.

Similar notices were served to the President of Pakistan, Arif Alvi, and a few other government representatives. However, their accounts remained unchanged.

The government reacted strongly and mobilized its resources to counter the Indian lobby controlling the Twitter administration.

The National IT Board (NITB) proactively contacted Twitter, seeking a response on its biased and anti-Kashmir moves.

The micro-blogging website is yet to respond to any of the government’s demands for justification over the suspension of accounts for highlighting the crisis in Kashmir.

According to NITB Executive Director, Shabahat Ali Shah, the department first approached Twitter’s Trust and Safety wing in mid-August, seeking reasoning on the suspension of accounts. The complaint was acknowledged but not officially responded to. This prompted the IT board to contact the tech giant again on August 30, this time through Foreign Office.

Since then, Twitter has started restoring Pakistani accounts, Shabahat said:

Since the complaint was on behalf of the Government of Pakistan, we have asked Twitter, through the Foreign Office, for a written response.

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