New Twitter Verification request set to be released next week

Last year, was planning to relaunch its program in January 2021, which didn’t happen. Now, the social network has been reportedly planning to finally make available its new self-served Request form next week.

Researcher Jane Manchum Wong shared on her Twitter that “multiple sources” have told her that the social network is ready to launch its long-awaited new program as soon as next week.

Throughout May, Wong shared more details about how the Verification Request form will work and which type of accounts will be eligible to receive the blue badge.

After controversies in the US national politics and other subjects, Twitter decided it would label different verified users for other people on the social network to understand whether the account represents the government, a politician, content creator, or journalist, for example. As for now, only governmental accounts have a different label.

With the form shared by Wong, here’s what we know:

  • Twitter will ask whether your account is of an activist, a company, entertainment group, government official, journalist, or professional sports entity;
  • You’ll have to share your ID with the social network
  • Show your account qualifications through Google Trends, Wikipedia article, news coverage, or official leadership website
  • Upload a photo of your ID
  • Give Twitter some references of who you are, and it will validate your account.

According to Wong, “on Twitter’s upcoming verification form, the eligible account type and qualifications pretty much aligns with their guideline,” which you can find it here.

If Twitter really launches its new verification program next week, it will be another step for the company to continue improving and bringing more features to the platform. Recently, the social network launched its Spaces function and announced the Tip Jar feature for helping creators monetize in the platform.

Twitter is also planning to launch a subscription tier, something it has been bolstering by buying other startups.

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