Why you shouldn’t accept friendship request on WhatsApp?

According to the official at the Department of Cybercrime at Sharjah Police, more and more people are falling prey to blackmailer’s and its high time users become wary of dubious and stop replying to them.

It has been revealed that some blackmailers initiate a friendship with an endearing chat and after some, start harassing the victims and issuing them threats.

After a few chats, some men asked the girls to date them and threatened them that if they refused, their messages, voice recordings and pictures would be circulated. Some even demanded huge amounts of money from them to “keep it under wraps”, the official said.

And it’s not only the girls or women who are facing such on WhatsApp. Many men have also complained about being blackmailed by women in a similar fashion.

The male victims are threatened that if they don’t comply, their conversations and messages would be forwarded to their wives and kin, the official revealed.

There are also WhatsApp messages in which people are congratulated for winning a ‘fake’ prize, and prodded to reveal their account number and bank details. It is an easy way that allows blackmailers and scammers to hack the users’ bank account and empty it out of cash.

“The police have received a number of complaints about different types of blackmailers. We are striving hard to curb all kinds of cybercrimes and will arrest the offenders. However, the work is very difficult for the police without the cooperation of the public, who must be vigilant about the tricks of the blackmailers. We are also on intensified awareness campaign in colleges, schools, and among the public, using media platforms to such practice,” the official added.

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