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CIOs would love to centralize technology purchasing decisions with a handful of strategic partners, but the reality is that incumbent technology providers can’t always address all of IT’s needs, especially when it comes to emerging .

That is why enterprise startups have always played a crucial role in IT portfolios. These days many CIOs regularly travel to Silicon Valley where venture capitalists invite them to meet their portfolio to assess fit. Some enterprises engage reverse-pitching, hosting events in which they identify a need and challenge startups to develop fit-for-purpose solutions. Still others learn of promising startups from peers who have vetted them for their own .

Connecting with entrepreneurs is the easy part; the hard part is rolling the dice on a johnny-come-lately that could go bankrupt from a few bad business moves. No matter how strong the pedigree of a ’s founders, CIOs know there are no guarantees. CIO.com is here to help, offering a peek at several hot startups that could boost your business in key areas.


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