6 Reasons Why You Need an IT Provider to Relocate Your Business

Moving a business is often stressful. Not only must you think about which assets to take with you to the new location, what items to get rid of, and what items you’ll need to purchase upon arrival, there’s much to think about in terms of how business, as usual, will become temporarily disrupted – and how to minimize that disruption as much as possible.

If you don’t plan your move properly or invest in hiring the right help, you may experience losses far deeper than you could have ever expected. Because Information Technology (IT) is at the crux of your business, hiring experts to handle IT during your move is essential. Employing IT relocation services by Mustard IT or similar consultancies can help ensure the job is done seamlessly with an appropriate project management plan.

Here are the top 6 reasons why using an IT support provider to relocate your business will help during your move.

Proper Planning and Management

Moving your business is a substantial task that must be planned carefully in advance. In fact, planning is considered the most important aspect of moving a business office. With so many factors to consider, you need planning to be executed by those with experience. Your IT provider visits both locations ahead of time to assess your entire situation, from networks to cabling and all other necessary equipment. They’ll ensure everything is provided for properly in your new office space, such as power supply and cables. Additionally, they’ll make the effort to assess all telecommunication needs and then plan the timing of your move accordingly. Everything will be installed and ready when you expect it to be, and long before you intend on starting up activities in your new location.

Less Downtime

Not only does your provider plan your move ahead of time, but they’ll do so in a way that allows your company to get up and running as soon as possible afterward. For example, they may suggest enacting the move during the weekend so the business can still run during normal business hours Monday through Friday. Additionally, their superior knowledge and expertise ensure a much greater efficiency rate when transitioning phones, printers, PCs, monitors, and so on.

Third-Party Communication Help

The IT company you choose deals with all third parties involved in the move, such as your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or site contractors. Not only will this eliminate the headache of doing so for you and your team, but the IT staff can better communicate with these third parties about tech-related issues. This means they can better solve these issues, and do so immediately so misunderstood problems don’t happen down the line.

Protection of Valuable Assets During Physical Move

Moving your physical assets is an obvious aspect of office relocation, but your IT company provides a great service in this, too. Your hardware is integral to the running of your IT, but – despite its’ name – it’s also quite sensitive. For example, servers are extremely fragile and must be taken apart and put back together again correctly. The correct moving equipment and packing material must be utilized to ensure safe relocation and rebuilding. Furthermore, everything must be disconnected carefully, all wires accounted for, and then reconnected correctly and efficiently. With their vast knowledge and experience, IT professionals easily label and organize everything as it’s unplugged and know how to get it reconnected quickly in your new office. Additionally, you should consider getting rid of older equipment or perhaps upgrading. Your IT provider can give the best advice about which of your assets are outdated and how to make the best choice when purchasing new ones.

Easy Transition to Your New Office

Adjusting to your new office space may be a bit of a challenge, so you don’t want to deal with extra issues arising from the settling-in period. If something must be reconfigured, isn’t working as expected, or you need assistance getting used to newly bought technology, your IT provider is immediately there to help. Fortunately, you can avoid much of these initial complications since your IT team tests everything for you before your move.

Data Security and Backup

During the chaos of moving, you may overlook the importance of backing up your data and server. However, this is a fatal mistake. If you have an IT support company to take care of your IT needs, they’ll prioritize and attend to these matters. If some of your information is stored in the Cloud and other information isn’t, they’ll ensure all the data is backed up appropriately. Or, perhaps your company is considering transitioning to the Cloud altogether. This may be the perfect opportunity to do so, and your IT provider will get it done for you correctly. Also, they’ll ensure your cyber and physical security systems are set up in your new office correctly.

Get the Best Results from Your Business Move

At the very best, managing your IT relocation for your company in-house will cause a great deal of unnecessary stress, and at the very worst will have very serious repercussions. If anything goes wrong, you may be in store for significant delays, data loss, and perhaps even the loss of your very business. When your staff doesn’t have to worry about IT issues, they can more readily focus on other aspects of the move and how to properly handle customer care during this crucial time. The more you can minimize negative impacts a move may have on your business, the more you can celebrate the positive impact it’s meant to have in the first place.

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