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A day off (at least for readers in the US) didn’t slow the news this week. Nefltlix is testing a new “Ultra” tier.  Elon Musk sends help to a trapped Thai soccer teamSamsung phones may have begun texting photos without permission.

There’s plenty more, too. Catch up below.

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Being a Martian isn’t easy at all

Shara Tibken spent a day at NASA’s Hawaiian training facility, where would-be astronauts get a taste of life on the Red Planet. It was exhausting. 


Chris Skinner

2018 is only half-way over and there’s already been a year’s worth of tech news

Facebook. Fortnite. Net neutrality. And more… 

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James Martin

These are the 6 best features on Samsung’s Galaxy S9

The headphone jack isn’t even one of them.


James Martin/CNET

The controversy over Gmail is why you hate Silicon Valley

It’s all in that privacy policy you didn’t bother to read. 


James Martin/CNET

Here’s why Amazon’s in-home delivery shouldn’t freak you out

Amazon Key lets strangers get into your house. That isn’t creepy at all.


Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Plugspreading is the worst. The absolute worst

Mark Serrels is enraged by enormous electrical plugs.


HP wants to make printers sexy

What’s a printer?

The portable HP Sprocket Plus printer is designed to be used with phones. HP is working on a social printing mode to let multiple people use it at parties.


Here’s what we know about Galaxy’s Edge, the new Star Wars theme park

A long time ago (next year) in a galaxy far, far away (Disneyland)… 



This is what people are saying about the next iPhone

Gmail finally uses the notch!


Josh Miller/CNET

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