Abbyy’s data capture SDK uses AI to onboard customers through mobile websites

Abbyy, the tech company known for its document conversion and optical character recognition (OCR) software, has introduced a new software development kit () to make it easier for companies to capture ' input.

The Mobile Web Capture SDK builds on the company's existing data capture SDK for native mobile apps by extending the functionality to mobile . So a home insurance company, online community, or any website that requires a user to input lots of registration data such as name and address can integrate Abbyy's SDK into their site and ask the user to scan a picture of their driving license or utility bill instead.

A typical use case might look like this: A customer receives an email link to complete a web application for a car loan. When they click on the link, they are taken to a website that asks them to scan in their driving license to automate the data input.

Using the camera on their phone, the user can point the lens at their license and Abbyy's smarts will automatically detect the object (it is not necessary to click a button), identify the boundaries of the different sections, extract the data, and insert it into the relevant field on the form.

If the car loan company requires verification of the applicant's address, the user may be asked to scan another up-to-date document, such as a credit card statement or utility bill.

Founded in 1989, Milpitas, California-based Abbyy is a veteran of of the automated data capture realm, with countless apps and services for enterprises and consumers including language translation apps, business card readers, and document digitization tools.

While most consumers choose native mobile apps to regularly access online content such as a social network, video-streaming platform, or sports news site mobile websites still play a critical role for many companies. A website is often where a customer first lands when researching a company, and people are less likely to download a mobile app for one-time transactions, such as applying for a loan.

These are scenarios where Abby believes its new SDK will come in handy. The less friction a user experiences when registering, the more likely they will stick around.

“With Abbyy Mobile Web Capture, we aim to help organizations deliver a smooth customer experience, boost profits, and differentiate on the market throughout the whole customer journey,” said Abbyy senior VP of product marketing Bruce Orcutt. “The new devkit closes the gap in mobile onboarding for enterprises, providing the same experience as a native app without the need to install one.”

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