Amazon workers sue over alleged failure to follow COVID-19 guidelines

The lawsuit was filed with the support of groups Make the Road New York, Public Justice and Towards Justice.

We've asked for comment. In a statement to CNBC, it maintained that it followed all national and local health , including the CDC's contact tracing approach. The firm reviews camera footage, checks where people were present and conducts interviews, according to a spokesperson. It also insisted that it immediately alerts all if there's a positive case, and that it was up to employees to disclose if they tested positive.

Critics have already contended that Amazon's approach isn't enough, though, and doesn't meet CDC guidelines despite claims to the contrary. Warehouse footage only covers 24 hours (not the 48 hours needed for CDC tracing) and likely doesn't include high-contact areas like washrooms. It would also break CDC guidelines if it discouraged staff from revealing positive test results. As in the past, then, there appears to be a gap between what Amazon says it's doing to protect workers and what people say is happening.

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