Apple working on 3D Spatial Audio system for virtual reality devices

is working on developing a system that could incorporate the experiences of 3d spatial audio on virtual or mixed reality platforms, potentially for a headset like Apple Glass, or an augmented reality headset.

Those of Cupertino have just won a new patent which describes a 3D spatial synthesized audio system for application in augmented reality 3D vision devices.

The patent explains that, for example, a SR system it could detect an individual walking a few steps forward and, in response, adjust the graphics and sound presented to the individual in a manner similar to how those sights and sounds would change in a real physical environment.

The patent lists Ian M. Richter, Christopher Eubank and Tomlinson Holman as its creators. Richter and Eubank have been named in earlier patents related to ‘Apple Glass

“Whereas Holman is an audio expert who has worked on AirPods related patents. Holman is also the inventor of the THX hi-fi audio system from Lucasfilm. Little joke.

It should be remembered that even if patents are granted to a company, it is possible that the idea described in this report never materializes. Patenting an idea costs very little, and make sure your competition won’t “copy” it.

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