Apple Pay launch in South Korea after 8 years

Apple users in have been waiting on Apple Pay to launch in their country for years, and Apple has finally made the official announcement. The company says Apple Pay is “about to launch” in South Korea with support for in-store, in-app, and online purchases.

Apple Pay officially coming to South Korea

Apple made the announcement in the Korean version of the press release for the yellow iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus:

In addition, as Apple is about to launch Apple Pay in South Korea, Korean users will be able to make easy, fast, and secure payments using Apple Pay on their iPhone, including the new iPhone Yellow, and in on-line merchants and apps.

There's still no exact word on when Apple Pay will formally launch in South Korea. However, discovered references to Apple Pay in South Korea within the code of the iOS 16.4 beta. Originally, feature was expected launched in South Korea in November last year. However, the launch was delayed due to demands from the local regulator Financial Supervisory Commission (FSS).

iOS 16.4 is currently in beta testing with developers and public beta users. We expect it to be released to the general public sometime later this month or in early April.

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