Apple reveals date for iPhone 11 in iOS beta

It happens from time to time that hidden clues are left behind in software, consciously or unconsciously. Apparently, the current iOS 13 beta now contains a hint about the iPhone 11 launch .

When it comes to the launch of the latest iPhone generation, Apple is a creature of habit. Since the iPhone 5, all Apple iPhone generations have been presented at a keynote event in September, mostly in Cupertino. The iPhone 11 will probably not break with tradition this year. According to the Brazilian online magazine iHelp BR, the latest beta of iOS contains 13 image files that refer to September 10 for the launch of the 2019 iPhone.

These image files are home screen screenshots, and they are usually known from the iOS setup wizard. These image files clearly show that September 10 is displayed in the calendar icon. The fact that September 10 is actually the launch date of the iPhone 11 is considered probable. The previous generations have always been presented one week after Labor Day in the US. September 11, which could have been the launch date, remains a taboo day for the presentation of an iPhone for historical reasons.

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Big mystery: what is the iPhone called 2019?

The technical specs, the new triple-camera or dual-camera setup and the resulting design of the back have already been discussed a lot. But what will Apple call the 2019 iPhones now? It would be logical for Apple to adapt the nomenclature of iPhones closer to that of iPads and MacBooks. This would mean that the new iPhones would all simply be called iPhone, whereby the successor of the XS Max will probably stand out as an iPhone Pro from the smaller models.

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If Google’s search trends are to be followed, Apple would have to call its own smartphone this year, the iPhone 11, which achieves the most searches. What do you think the 2019 models of the iPhone will be called? Write your suggestions in the comments.

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