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Ateam Ventures (CEO: Go San) will hold the second event of its networking opportunity Hardware Alliance on Wednesday, April 18th.

Hardware Alliance is a meeting event for hardware and IoT(Internet of Things) startups to communicate, exchange resources, and form partnerships. Successful case studies of hardware startup companies are also presented at the meeting.

CEO of Dot Kim Joo Yon will serve as a keynote speaker presenting his experience developing a braille device that cost 1/10 of its usual cost. Dot is a company known for the world’s first smart braille watch product, Dot Watch. Joo Jung Hui, partner at LB Investments, will also give a talk about the general investment trends in manufacture industry and investment attracting strategies.

Participating companies are given pitching opportunities to introduce their products and services. Hardware Alliance will be held every Wednesday of every even month.

CEO of Ateam Ventures Go San stated, “after the first Hardware Alliance event, we heard a lot of feedbacks from participating companies that they were exactly expecting opportunities to share resources among hardware startups like this. We saw companies benefiting from the event.” He added, “on the second Hardware Alliance event, we added more programs to help initializing companies by adding presentations on investment attracting strategies. We hope to provide more opportunities for hardware companies to flourish together through Hardware Alliance.”


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