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Children’s book startup ‘Awesome Story’ will be releasing a personalized algorithm-based book, “My name has sneaked away [내이름이도망갔어]”.

Buyers can customize their books by entering the recipient’s name and age, which would then automatically create the one and only gift for their children. Customers can also get a preview of the book before placing their orders.

With more than 20 animal characters in place, the system generates tens of thousands of different combinations for storylines, to ensure each customer receives a unique book. Depending on their preferences, customers can also add photos and personal messages.

“With our self-developed algorithm technology and digital printing equipments, we wanted to improve the book’s quality while maintaining low price for the customers,” Awesome Story CEO Kyu-chul Kim said. “We hope to offer a unique experience for children as they find their names on the book.”

Awesome Story plans to further expand its book services by utilizing additional personal information, such as birthdays and addresses.


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