Beaconsfield launches new app and joins social media

Beaconsfield residents curious as to when recycling is picked up or when branch removal day is have a new tool at their disposal, a brand new the city recently launched.

“Beaconsfield is finally getting on board and people can finally do a lot of things with that app,” said Kevin Wong, who has lived in the area for a long time. “What exactly it does I have no idea.”

The app, called Bciti, sends notices about public events and allows residents to request city services such as tree inspections. It also keeps them informed of bylaw enforcement, such as leaf-blowers which are not allowed to be in use during the summer.

Mayor Georges Bourelle says the app can also be used to conduct surveys. With a new avenue of communication, Bourelle is also asking users to keep the discourse civil.

“We all know what happens on Facebook from time to time,” he said.

Cathy Wheeler, who has lived in Beaconsfield for 15 years, told Global News she was planning on using the app to request repairs to her street.

The new app, Facebook and Instagram accounts are part of $250,000 the city set aside for communications and information technology infrastructure at the end of last year.

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