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Looking for the best free apps? We're here to help, with our roundup of 85 fantastic free news, photography, entertainment, work and social apps for the iPhone. (If you'd rather know about software for tablets, take a look at our roundup of the Best free iPad apps.)

Nobody likes spending money if they can avoid it. Luckily there are masses of free apps on the App Store, many of which are just as good as the paid-for alternatives, enabling you to expand your device's capabilities in a myriad of exciting ways.

In this feature we're focusing on non-gaming apps, but if you're interested in gaming, take a look at our dedicated roundup of the best free iPhone games.

Our first category is:

Social apps

Reddit Official

Reddit's free iPhone app replaced the old Alien Blue Reddit app, which until April 2016 was the closest thing to an official Reddit app we'd seen so far. But now, Reddit has used what it learned from Alien Blue to come up with its own app built from the ground up.

You'll see the latest news, trends and memes available to browse, search and discover within the app's clean, easy-to-use interface. You'll also be able to access your inbox to stay up to date with messages, comment replies, post replies and mentions.

FREE | Download Reddit

Best free iPhone apps: Reddit


Buffer is a neat tool that lets you easily post – or share pages you've found – to multiple social media accounts (although only a single account per social network, unless you upgrade to the paid-for version) at scheduled times.

It's fantastic for media and business types who've used analytics to find out the optimal time to send out tweets and Facebook updates; you can set up a series of strong posting times, and updates will automatically be queued up for the next window.

FREE | Download Buffer

Best free iPhone apps: Buffer


If you're on Facebook – and if we're honest, most of us are – then this is probably the first app to download on a new iPhone. It's free, it looks good (and fits in with the design aesthetic of iOS 11) and does a good job of getting out of the way and letting you find out where your ex-girlfriend has been on holiday.

FREE | Download Facebook

best free iphone apps

Find My Friends

Find My Friends had a pleasant make-over following the release of iOS 7, and is now automatically installed on any device running iOS 9 and above. Those interested in stalking their friends, checking up on their wife's whereabouts and making sure they don't end up in the same pub as their dad will find it as useful as ever. If you haven't tried it, then it's free to download and well worth exploring.

FREE | Download Find My Friends

Best free iPhone apps: Find My Friends


If you're reliant on Google's mail service, then the Gmail app is an obvious one to try. It's free, it looks good, and it's tightly integrated with other Google services.

FREE | Download Gmail

Best free iPhone apps: Gmail


Facebook introduced Messenger to the world in 2011, and since then it's grown into a communication app burgeoning with features. You can use it as a straightforward messaging app, for either one-to-one or group chats, but there's also the ability to make free calls over Wi-Fi, and even play games with other Facebook users.

FREE | Download Messenger

best free iphone apps


Periscope is a little like Snapchat or Facebook Live: you start a broadcast, which any of your followers can view as it happens, and the video remains viewable for 24 hours after you finish – but then is erased from existence. Thrillingly immediate, utterly nerve-wracking for journalists who used to have the best part of a month between filing an article and seeing it on the shelves, and lots of fun to try out.

FREE | Download Periscope

Best free iPhone apps: Periscope


Superb and versatile alternative to FaceTime for when you want to call friends and relatives who aren't on devices. Features a slick, user-friendly interface, the ability to make free calls over 4G and Wi-Fi, an instant messaging feature, and has recently added Highlights, which brings an Instagram-like feed to the platform.

FREE | Download Skype

best free iphone apps


Like Facebook, Twitter's free native iOS app is simple and effective. It's intuitive to use and ideal for the more basic aspects of using the service – which is what you want from the iPhone app. Use it as an up-to-the-minute news service, social media stream, or as a way to enact foreign and domestic policy if you're the president of an international superpower.

FREE | Download Twitter

Best free iPhone apps: Twitter


This is a superb app for keeping in touch with groups of friends without spending a groat. WhatsApp allows you to send text messages, videos, pictures and audio to your friends or family at no cost. The app is easy to use and in our experience totally habit-altering.

FREE | Read our full WhatsApp Messenger review | Download WhatsApp Messenger

Best free iPhone apps: WhatsApp

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