Bitrix24 Helping Businesses Fight Coronavirus

Bitrix24 has decided to temporarily remove 12 user restriction on free Bitrix24 plans and make it possible to use our free accounts by an unlimited number of users. Here’s why.

Bitrix24 is used by over 6 million organizations, with many in China, Japan and South Korea – the three countries hit the hardest by the recent coronavirus outbreak so far. It appears that the impact of this event is going to be quite significant, capable of causing major disruptions in each country affected. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of businesses and institutions had a contingency plan that allowed for remote collaboration and working from home, where is possible and appropriate. This has forced most organizations to scramble for solutions and protocols at the very last moment.

If you live in an area that has or is likely to be affected by this pandemic, we strongly suggest start planning now how your organization is going to operate during a possible period of temporary mandated quarantine or travel restrictions.

  1. Determine which employees can work remotely if absolutely necessary.
  2. Determine which remote collaboration tool is going to be critical for each employee or department.
  3. Provide these employees with logins, passwords and instructions for each remote collaboration tool they are going to be using.
  4. Hold a drill to make sure everyone knows how to switch from office work to working from home.
  5. Show people where inside Bitrix24 they can find their tasks and assignments, how to hold virtual meetings via videoconferencing, where the company calendar, knowledge base, group chat and online document storage are located.
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The fact that Bitrix24’s free plan now comes with an unlimited number of users, means you don’t have to go through budgeting and procurement committees in order to have a ‘plan B’ as quickly as possible.

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