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will launch its own voice controlled digital assistant next spring. All new BMW cars will come with BMW Operating System 7.0, which includes the firm’s Intelligent Personal .

Compatible but not limited to other digital assistants on your connected phone, the BMW IPA will aid a driver in operating many of their in-car functions and information.

All a driver has to say is “Hey BMW” to start a request.

As well as voice recognition, the new technology will utilise AI to learn routines and habits, making it much quicker and easier to set the car up to the driver’s personal tastes. For example, it will learn the optimum seat heating for the driver or frequent routes used on the in-car navigation system.

BMW car owners can also give their new assistant a name, to personalise the experience further, and use conversational speech when talking to it. “Hey BMW, I’m cold” will automatically raise the temperature in the car to a desired level, for instance.

You will also be able to find out important information about the vehicle, such as the oil level and tyre pressure. And it is capable of linking to Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business, to interact with teleconferences when on the move, read out emails and more.

Of course, it can also play specific music tracks and the like, as with all other digital assistants.

BMW will launch the Intelligent Personal Assistant in March 2019 in several countries, including the UK, US, Germany and Japan. It will be capable of understanding 23 languages. New cars with the Live Cockpit Professional pack will get the system.

It will also be available to order for new BMW 3 Series from November 2018.

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