Bulgarian startup iGreet launches augmented reality platform | Tech News

Bulgarian technological startup iGreet said on Tuesday it has launched scanAR, an augmented reality platform allowing businesses to create their own augmented reality campaigns by integrating multimedia content into business cards, catalogues, posters and product packages.

“The interest of leading technology giants in augmented reality indicates serious growth potential in this segment. Our goal is to position ourselves as a developer of a universal platform allowing anyone to take advantage of this promising technology. […] We are planning to gradually introduce scanAR on the international market as well,” Vicho Dimitrov, founder of iGreet, said in a statement.
ScanAR represents a scanner for augmented reality, accessible through mobile application using iOS and Android platforms.

Augmented reality technology unites the physical world with virtual reality, adding digital content or information to a real picture viewed through a phone, tablet, or other device.
iGreet develops greeting cards with augmented reality technology. Venture fund Eleven and US businessman Tim Draper are among the investors in the Bulgarian startup company.

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