Buzzvil Reaches 27 Million USD in Sales with Surplus at 1.2 Million USD in 2017 | Tech News

Sales Increased 15 Times In the Past 4 Years

Net Profit Increased 7 Times Compared to the Same Period Last Year


Mobile lock screen media platform Buzzvil (CEO: Kwanwoo Lee, Youngho Lee) revealed that the company achieved a sales of 30 Billion KRW and a surplus of 1.3 Billion KRW in 2017. The company attributed this success to multiple global partnerships it formed with major companies including the 3 main Korean mobile service providers.

Buzzvil, founded in 2013, has accrued profound technological foundations and formed partnerships with multiple global mobile service providers and mobile device manufacturers. Since its foundation, the company has been consistently growing its sales by 2-3 times every year. In 2017, the startup’s sales reached 300 Billion KRW (27 Million USD) and grew 15 times compared to its first year. This performance is especially meaningful as the company has made profit for 3 years in a row since it first reported surplus in 2015.

Clients of Buzzvil’s lockscreen advertisement platform Buzzscreen include the 3 major Korean mobile service providers, Lotte L-Point, and CJ ONE. Buzzscreen is the world’s first mobile lockscreen advertisement platform developed by Buzzvil. There startup currently has 50 clients in total, and its service is used by 17 million users across 30 countries including the US and Japan.

Buzzvil acquired the biggest lockscreen advertisement company in North America Slidejoy in the January of 2017. The company plans to expand in the overseas market with more proactive strategies.

Buzzvil CEO Kwanwoo Lee stated, “We spent the majority of 2017 forming foundations for overseas partnerships. This year, we will try our best to outperform the company’s domestic success in the overseas market.”

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