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The world of augmented reality (AR) got a real shot in the arm in July 2016 with the launch of Pokémon Go. Until then, AR hadn’t entered the psyche of the average mobile game player.

Two years later and a new player enters the AR game marketplace, but this time with a twist. Blending two emerging technologies, & Go is a strategy game that is powered by blockchain technology.

Launched today by Elyland, Clash & Go is the latest mobile game attempting to grab a sizeable slice of the $57.9 billion mobile games market.

A base-building mobile game, Clash & Go allows gamers to manipulate the AR world, while RPG elements provide yet another layer of gameplay. In addition to the blockchain, AR, and RPG, Clash & GO focuses on social interaction, through group tasks, clans, and chats created to cater to the need for community.

So how does it work?

Clash & Go is a geolocation game that uses augmented reality to allow players to build cities and engage in real-time battles. AR provides objects that are overlaid on real-life locations and both units and buildings that can be upgraded. Combining a sci-fi setting with strategy, heroes with skills, RPG, and more, the game offers its players the ability to earn tokenized currency in the forms of CGO tokens.

These tokens are given to the player for free, and allow the user to manipulate the AR game world using the tokens as a game balancing tool.

A real open world geolocation game with a game area as big as Earth itself, Clash & Go lets players’ heroes earn experience in rating battles against other players, and have an expanded set of skills and modules.

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The developer of Clash & Go game Elyland company has more than ten years of experience in games development. A team of 100 people, it has successfully released six products to date, with a total audience of 77 million worldwide.

Clash & Go is available today for both iOS and Android.

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