Deblock wants to support over 300 Blockchain-based startups in Korea | Tech News


Deblock is a new corporation jointly established by ICON Foundation and AD4th, a AdTech company leveraging Blockchain technology.

Deblock will start operations from this month and will support 300 startups over the next three years. Specifically, the company plans to involve in exploring and investing in block-chain projects, supporting office space and infrastructure for ICON, and jointly developing and marketing blockchain-based business models.

Deblock will select candidates for the team with strong execution capabilities and an excellent understanding of the Blockchain technology. ICON says that Deblock will serve as a bridge between various domain experts to join the blockchain ecosystem.

Lee Kyung-joon, chairman of the ICON Foundation, said, “I expect to see a variety of services using Icon technology.” “I would expect Deblock to contribute to the development of a blockchain ecosystem through the focused acceleration program.” Oh Hyun-seok, a partner at Deblock said, “In order to help commercialize a blockchain service, we aim to support more than 50 companies this year beyond the monetary investment.”

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