Elon Musk threatens to sue Microsoft over Twitter data

has threatened to Microsoft as he accused the technology giant of using from his social media company without permission.

If you're used to uploading screenshots and videos from your Xbox directly to and have found out it doesn't seem to be working today, it's not a bug. It's because Microsoft and Elon Musk have had a falling out.

The feature has been an ordinary part of the Xbox feature set for a while now but in order for it to work it has to use Twitter's API (application programming interface). That's something you'd normally expect a company to let someone else use for free, since it encourages traffic to Twitter, but Musk has now decided that Microsoft has to pay for it.

Microsoft doesn't want to though and has instead decided to just ditch Twitter, at least in terms of having it work automatically from the Xbox dashboard.

Musk isn't just picking on Xbox here, he wants Reddit and others to pay as well, but Microsoft's immediate response has been to remove Twitter from its advertising platform.

‘Starting on April 25 smart campaigns with multi-platform will no longer support Twitter,' says Microsoft on its help pages. So not only will you not be able to access Twitter from Xbox, but it'll disappear from Microsoft's internal social media management tool.

Naturally this upset Musk, who then claimed that Microsoft was using Twitter data to train OpenAI's ChatGPT without permission. This is the same complaint that artists have had about AI using their work to create their algorithms, except Musk is a multi-billionaire and he's now threatening to sue.

Not only that but he's planning to launch his own rival chatbot with the ultra cringey name of TruthGPT.

At this point the whole issue has gone well beyond just video games but the end result is that Twitter integration has disappeared from Xbox and it's almost certainly not coming back.

Although as Microsoft point out, you can still share screenshots and videos on Twitter via the Xbox app for iOS and Android.

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