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Facebook’s stripped down version of its social media platform, Facebook was launched back in 2015 and for the longest amount of time was only available in developing countries. Reports now suggest that the app is finally coming to iOS after being exclusive to Android users for more than three years.

A Facebook sign is seen during a conference. Image: Reuters

A Facebook sign is seen during a conference. Image: Reuters

According to a report by Tech News, Facebook is currently testing a version of Facebook Lite for iOS but the roll-out process is expected to be quite slow. Only users in Turkey will be currently able to access the iOS app with a wider rollout expected to happen slowly.

Facebook is yet to put out an official word out though.

Launched primarily for emerging markets with slower average data speeds, the Facebook Lite app uses less than half of a megabyte of data to limit data usage and rates. While it still supports Facebook’s News Feed, status updates, notifications, and photos, it does not support videos and advanced location services. All devices running Android 2.2 and higher are supported.

The interface is also quite similar to the original Facebook Android app, apart from a few design changes in icons along with a larger font size used. Images take a few seconds to load whilst being on the 2G network. Also, the app takes just a little while to start up but once you are logged in, you should not experience any problems.

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