Facebook to pull its app, Messenger from the Windows 10

Windows phones have in recent times become a dying breed thanks to the onslaught of iOS and devices globally. Many apps are pulling their services from the and one of them was Instagram, which made the announcement this week. Now it seems Facebook’s native app and app have also joined the list.

Facebook to pull its app, Messenger from the Windows 10 platform on 30 April

As per a report by Engadgeta Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed that Facebook is dropping support for all of its apps on Windows phone on April 30. If you are still one of those few people using Windows phones, then you can access Instagram, Facebook and Messenger through the web.

There isn’t currently no information on whether the discontinuation of the Facebook app will affect other apps who use a Facebook login.

With Microsoft just about a few months away from completely pulling the plug on Windows 10, it isn’t surprising to see many high profile apps abandoning the sinking ship. Microsoft has notified that Windows 10 Mobile will cease to receive new updates after 10 December 2019.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella has also acknowledged that Cortana is no longer in direct competition with Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant. Microsoft is rather looking to integrate with other popular platforms rather than fight against them.

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