Forewarning: Microsoft Bans April Fools Day Pranks in the Office

April Fools Day may be the annual holiday for pranks, tomfoolery, and hijinks, but doing them at work can cause more trouble than it’s worth. If a prank goes wrong and upsets a colleague or leaks to the public, it could be a disaster. One company that is well aware of this is Xbox platform-holder Microsoft.

In an internal memo sent out by Microsoft marketing chief Chris Capossela, the company has told employees not to pull off any April Fools Day pranks in the office. While the Microsoft executive recognizes that “ may have devoted time and resources to these activities,” Capossela wrote that “data tells us these stunts have limited positive impact and can actually result in unwanted news cycles.” Also noting the “headwinds the industry is facing today,” Capossela asks Microsoft not to do any “public-facing” April Fools Day pranks.

While some may be disappointed that Microsoft isn’t getting in on the fun, others will argue that Capossela is right. A poorly thought out April Fools Day prank could lead to severe public backlash and this could quickly lose a company money.

Activision Blizzard’s stock price fell following the backlash to Diablo Immortal, which many thought was initially a joke. Making a prank announcement of a product, feature, or device before later confirming it was a joke is an easy way to annoy fans and lose money.

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