Fujitsu partner with Microsoft, ServiceNow for digital skills academy

Japanese ICT company is to partner with tech companies SAP, Microsoft and to launch a new digital skills academy to tackle global shortages of IT workers.

The Global Strategic Partner Academy aims to upskill current and future Fujitsu employees in collaboration with the three partner companies. The academy also aims to reduce the barriers for under-represented groups in ICT, allowing them to acquire and develop in-demand tech skills.

A report from earlier this year found that Ireland needs up to 10,000 tech workers to plug its digital skills gap.

According to Tim White, head of global services business group at Fujitsu, “By investing in people for the long term in this way, we democratise access to skilled digital jobs. Together – Fujitsu, our partners and our customers – we can jointly realise the full potential of the digital era.”

White also said that the academy represented Fujitsu’s plans to “create sustainability and improve society through technological innovation,” in line with the UN’s goals in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The academy has been launched worldwide, and participants will have access to standardised course materials no matter where they are located. The team behind the designing of the course is multinational, with 15 different nationalities in total.

Particular attention will be paid to making participants customer according to industry best practices.

Microsoft’s CTO of partner success, Eduardo Kassner, said that the Japanese tech giant’s mission to address the IT skills gap “comes at a critical time” for Microsoft’s collaboration with it. Kassner pointed out that Microsoft had experienced “accelerated customer demand for digital transformation with Microsoft Cloud.”

“Our global partnership should help us resolve this challenge fast with capacity and capability we know the customers desire,” he added.

SAP’s VP for global technology partners, Martijn Ras, commented echoed Kassner’s comments. “We are confident that the opportunities Fujitsu is creating will contribute to enhance the experience of both employees and customers and drive success, now and in the future,” he said, adding that SAP was delighted to play its part in addressing the global IT skills gap.

According to Cat Lang, SVP for global education at , “Companies that invest in programs that evolve with employees as they advance in their careers will see payoffs from both a customer engagement and employee retention standpoint.”

The ecosystem is growing at an “unprecedented pace” Lang said. “Thoughtful consideration and planning of talent pipeline, development, and retention can give partners and customers the confidence that their ServiceNow solution is in capable hands. Working with Fujitsu we are able to meet employees where they are, and provide them with what they need for the future.”

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