Google ads cracking down brand accounts that violate content rules

is cracking down on bad ads as digital are already under increased scrutiny for spreading misinformation. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and others have been trying to curb the proliferation of suspicious products that popped up around COVID-19, like miracle cures and fraudulent claims about protective equipment.

There are other areas of concern, though, such as that promote spyware, the type of software that often appears in cases of domestic abuse. In its announcement, Google said its new rules cover ads promoting deceptive behavior or products such as the creation of false documents, hacking services, and spyware, as well as tobacco, drugs and weapons, among other types of .”

“These types of ads have long been prohibited, but now we are introducing increasing penalties with each strike applied,” Google said.

In its announcement, Google outlined a lengthy process that could result in an advertiser’s suspension. The first step is a warning, which leads to the removal of the ad and a notice to the advertiser. If the advertiser breaks the same policy again within 90 says of the first warning, that’s a strike. After three strikes within a certain timeframe, the advertising account would be banned.

Google advertisers are sensitive to any policy shifts that could impact their ability to run campaigns. Google also said that this policy could expand to other categories of ads, meaning that more types of advertisers could fall under policies that threaten suspension of their accounts.

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