Google Creates AI That Turns Text Into 3D Objects

DreamFusion is an evolution of Dream Fields, a -to--image generator revealed by back in 2021. And like Dream Fields, DreamFusion creates its 3D images by combining a Neural Radiance Field (NeRF) — or a neural network that can create synthetic 3D scenes using partial 2D datasets — with a pre-trained -to-image prompt model.

The twist? Unlike Dream Fields, which utilized OpenAI's CLIP technology as that latter pre-trained model, DreamFusion now uses its own: Imagen, Google's DALL-E 2 competitor.

So, basically, Google booted Elon Musk's OpenAI tech and figured out how to use its own. Keeping things in-house — smart.

It's unclear when DreamFusion — or whatever comes next — will be available to the public, though we can definitely see a number of applications already. Just think of the value to indie game developers alone! And according to Twitter, it's already been used to 3D-print a ghost eating a hamburger, so cheers to that.

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