Google Business Profile Adds Products Performance Metrics

has added a section to the Google Business Performance Metrics (formerly Google My Business Insights) for products. This section shows you how your performed in Google Maps and local search. It shows you how many people viewed your products and what your top products are.

Syed M. Amir Hassan posted a screenshot of this on Twitter (click to enlarge it):

click for full size

This is also added to the Google help document that has a line for “Products: Number of views on over a selected period.”

In fact, that document added a bunch of new metrics (mostly brought over from Google My Business Insights) since a year ago. The new sections are:

  • Direction requests
  • Website clicks
  • Bookings
  • Food orders
  • Products

I believe a lot of these were added when Google went away from Google My Business and to Google Business Profiles.

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