Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI hits general availability

Google Cloud is making AI generally available for use today. The cloud service is built with conversational AI engine Dialogflow to automate interactions with customers in call centers.

Contact Center AI contains Virtual Agent to automatically respond to customer queries with voice or text or handoff the conversation to a person when a bot is unable to help a customer. Agent Assist uses natural language processing to augment customer service agent interactions with customers when a bot is unable to help a customer.

The news comes today as Google pushed its rich communication services (RCS) to Android Messages users in the United States, and days after Google’s experimental unit Area 120 CallJoy service for answering phone calls and customer questions for small businesses got an upgrade.

Each of the services harnesses Google’s strength in conversational AI to form its overarching and rather comprehensive voice strategy.

Google Cloud today also introduced Cloud Run, a service for managing Knative for serverless apps like Kubernetes, and Wednesday launched the Network Intelligence Center, an AI-driven network management service.

The series of announcements preclude the start of the Google Cloud Next conference in London next week. Google launched Contact Center AI at a Cloud Next conference in summer 2018.

In other Google conversational AI news, Google Search got the ability to help people learn how to pronounce words.


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